Another week in Aceh

All is quiet on the Aceh front this week.Although there was the most violent conflict-related act since the signing of the peace agreement over the weekend.

And of course there were all those earthquakes last week and at least one more this week.

And just to keep those things in perspective, this morning I was charged by a bull and stepped in dog poo (no news reports on these events yet, but when they make headlines I’ll link them here).

I didn’t intend for this post to be a list of things going wrong in Aceh, but when I wrote “all is quiet on the Aceh front” and realised how ridiculous that statement was, the only natural thing to do was post about all the dramas and….

…complain that still no one emails me! I linked reports from AUSTRALIAN NEWSPAPERS, to make the point that you have access to information about Aceh dramas and yet the concern is BARELY audible. One concerned SMS from Australia is all I got when a mag. 7.3 earthquake struck in Aceh. ONE SMS! 7.3!

Yes, I am fine but clearly that is SO NOT THE POINT.

While on the topic of how hard my life is, next week I’m going to Bali with Beck and Meaghan. you know what that means….CARE PACKAGES! That’s right, some bonds undies and salt and vinegar chips is all it takes for Sarah to forget months of neglect. And if your love for me isn’t enough to motivate, remember that Bali is full of cool stuff to send back to my loving family and friends.

2 thoughts on “Another week in Aceh

  1. Meaghan

    There was an earthquake in Aceh?
    Sorry for missing that one. My exposure to news is severely lacking at the moment. They should have a short news break in the middle of ABC kids so all the mums can catch up on world events.

  2. Ben

    I think it’s just a sign that everyone trusts you enough not to get killed. Either that or noone actually reads the world news..

    Personally I don’t read any news lately – just pointless geeky blogs and forums about the latest version of Linux or new CPUs being released. Its just easier that way. 🙂

    I did however finally watch The Constant Gardener last Sunday (was on TV) – very depressing reminder of some of the worst aspects of humanity (greed, opportunism, corruption, etc.), and the inspirational work of all the aid organisations’ volunteers (you don’t count – u get paid). 🙂

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