Where is Sarah? Not in Banda Aceh!

Tomorrow I am going to Bangkok for work. I think this might be my first official work trip. I guess technically I had my costs covered to come to Aceh, so that might fall into the category of work-related travel, but it’s not the same. I did go to Hamilton (not the island) for work in my last job, but I don’t think it should be counted as a work trip when you go by minibus and it’s in the same state as your office.

I will be back in Indonesia on Monday and back in Aceh on Tuesday morning. My phone will probably work in Thailand in case you have something really, really exciting to tell me.

Maybe I will post while I am away, but I’ll probably be having too much fun “meeting and greeting” and doing “icebreaker” activities. YAAAAAY for workshops! If I’m lucky I might even get to brain storm some ideas on big sheets of paper and present them to the group in the form of a funny skit!

Oh yeah, I’ll also be distastefully GORGING on the hotel buffet food. A buffet of Thai food?! Nice to meet you Mr Jackpot! It’s going to be buffet-mazing!

Seriously though, I’m excited about the workshop because my colleagues and I are going to perform an Acehnese traditional dance at the Welcome Dinner. My language teacher just watched us perform and his encouraging words were, “you need A LOT of practice”. ummm, thanks.

Here is a picture of my colleague Toni, fanning himself with the USD he got today in preparation for our trip (his commentary: “Oh I’m so rich I just like to use these extra notes as a fan”). He had to boost himself up to feel rich after handing over a very thick stack of Rupiah and taking away 5 measly notes.


One thought on “Where is Sarah? Not in Banda Aceh!

  1. yv

    it’s because USD is so freaking useless these days that it can be turned into more useful things like a fan. ::sigh::

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