Personal intention to donate organs as inappropriate post subject matter. Discuss.

An article in the Age today reminded me that I am yet to “register my consent to donate my organs and tissue and discuss it with my family.”

It took me 25 years to get to Vicroads and sign some forms to get my Ls so I don’t expect that I will get around to registering as an organ donor anytime soon (can I do it online?**) And I ALWAYS forget to bring it up when any of my family members are around. So I’ve decided to blog my intention to donate my organs.

This is a great idea for a number of reasons:

1. My whole family faithfully read my blog (right guys…right?)
2. Instead of telling one person who might forget (“ummm, I remember Sarah saying something about organs but was it yay or nay?”), I am telling at least 10 people which has got to improve the odds.
3. If I don’t get around to registering sometime before I die when I’m 120 (and not a moment sooner) you can use this post as a legally binding statement of my intention (a blog post has to be legally binding somewhere in the world. Just send me there and start extracting those organs…maybe not China though, I don’t want to be sold to rich people).

**post script. You can register online HERE! But you still have to send the form to Hobart or something.


3 thoughts on “Personal intention to donate organs as inappropriate post subject matter. Discuss.

  1. Ben

    Are u sure they want your organs? I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have much use for mine.. I mean my eyes are still good I guess, but that would just be too creepy to have someone else looking thru my eyes (would it be like that John Malkovic movie I never saw?).

    You know I think organ donation is like ambulance cover – they can’t expect people to register without some kind of incentive u know. Maybe some extra demerit points allowance on your license or something would be good..

    Anyway, go ahead, I wasn’t really planning to use your organs anyway. What would be really cool tho is to get some dotted lines tatooed in appropriate places with messages like “Cut Here – Liver” – just so they know.. 🙂

  2. Meaghan

    Did you know that your family/next of kin can over rule your wishes when you die? They also get asked if they were aware if you’d changed your mind about organ donation in the time since registering your intentions.
    Yet more reasons why so few people donate organs.

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