CreaMayo Delight and other traditional Acehnese foods

I have just discovered a great restaurant in Banda Aceh. It has a very fancy interior including leather seats, artwork on the walls and is extremely clean. It seems to have taken on the role of “haven from the squares-ville world of Shari’a law” too. Quite a few women go there without a head scarf, and sometimes a boy and a girl will be there on what looks a lot like a “date”.

This place also has a really catchy name. One of those “I wish I thought of that” kind of names.

Pizza Hut.

Like a hut with pizza in it!

Before you ask how I can overlook the poor quality of the pizza in my ode to PH, I must assure you that Indonesian Pizza Hut is very different to Australian Pizza Hut. Let me introduce you to a new world of culinary excellence.

Exhibit 1: When I was there on Saturday night I asked my friend to choose the pizza we would eat, and he suggested the “CreaMayo Delight”. What is the CreaMayo Delight, I asked. “Oh just your basic mayonnaise pizza”. We ordered it because it seemed too unbelievably delicious to leave untested.

The pizza was criss-crossed with mayonnaise and chilli sauce over chicken and tomato. And just in case you really love your mayo, a little fondue tray of mayonnaise stood on a podium in the middle of the pizza (for dipping purposes I assume).

The verdict on CreaMayo Delight: Kopi Manis LOVED the left overs.

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