failed sleep-in

Boy oh boy, I am sleepy grumpity grumps today. I haven’t been getting to bed early enough this week so I decided to take advantage of my boss’s absence today by sleeping in and come into work a little bit late. In truth I could probably come into work a little bit late any day because no one really notices, and no one would care, but here’s a secret about Sarah: I NEVER break rules unless I can guarantee I won’t get caught. Yep, my sole motivation for doing the right thing is to keep myself out of trouble.So I went to bed last night without setting the alarm and had visions of sleeping in my very comfy bed until 8am…but it wasn’t to be. I guess I’m being punished for something (probably my spineless, authority-fearing ways) and my punishment has been delivered in the form of this:

Kopi Manis has a truly excellent early morning routine of barking incessantly and pushing her water bowl around on the cement (bark, bark, scrape, bark, bark, scrape). Well, I showed her who was boss…I got out of bed at 7.15am to give her food (that she doesn’t need because she is fat). Yep, the dog wins. But I gave her a stern look. OH YEAH, IT WAS STERN!

As a consolation I watched the end of the O.C. (pure genius to play it from 7am-8am every morning) and didn’t start getting ready for work until 8am. 8AM! Pretty rock n roll right?

1 thought on “failed sleep-in

  1. yvonne

    omg. i have many memories of pretending to be asleep in bed so my puppy wouldn’t start whining and think that i’d respond. THAT i dont miss. the cuddly wiggly part…SO MUCH.

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