Happy Sorry Day everyone!

(OK, so we need to work on that greeting a bit…and isn’t there already a Sorry Day? Does this day get dibs on the name now?)

So, this morning when I got to work at about 8.30am I hopped online to check out the business about the apology. I read a couple of articles and tried to find the complete speech on YouTube (no luck yet because the internet is a bit slow today). But what seemed to be coming through in reports is that Kevin Rudd was great and Brendan Nelson was…not so great.

The article in The Age didn’t really explain what was so bad about Nelson’s speech, and quoted some pretty innocuous excerpts that didn’t seem to say much at all. Could people have been offended by his weird hair cut? It’s possible, but perhaps an overreaction. I wondered “What could he have said that was so bad??” So I found the full text of Nelson’s speech and….

…my jaw dropped.

Brendan, Brendan, Brendan…What were you thinking? Was there a mini-explosion inside your brain mid-speech? Yeah, maybe that’s it. Maybe you didn’t mean to make the most absurd speech in the history of the universe…Maybe?

And he just KEPT.ON.GOING….Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse he actually used the words “half-caste”. I KNOW!

I would have loved to have been sitting in on that planning meeting:

Brendan: Hey guys, why don’t I say “we’re sorry” but then spend another 2,500 words explaining why it’s not our fault!? Why don’t I also bring up alcoholism and sexual assault. That’s always a crowd pleaser at weddings!!

Sarah (if I was sitting in on the meeting): How about you just say sorry. Short and sweet?

Brendan: Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I could also blame the state governments! They’re Labor right? Sweeeeeet! This is going to be one hell of a speech! I’m going to piss on EVERYONE!

Sarah: Ummm, OK. Good luck with that. (we all know that in real life I wouldn’t have said something that calm and mature, but it’s my fantasy so let’s leave it be).

Feel free to post a comment about the apology or send me an email telling me about the day. This is the second seriously exciting moment in politics I’ve missed in the last few months (no.1. the election), so keep me in the loop, yo!


3 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Ben

    Admittedly I didn’t catch Nelson’s full speech (lost reception walking into the office), but I think the point he started to lose it was when he mentioned the ‘C’ word (compensation).

    I’m sure he was just trying to head off the potential onslaught at the pass, but I don’t think it was the time (but maybe place?) to raise the issue..

    Anyway, the Ten news headlines tonight just said “..opposition causes outrage.”, so I guess I should find out what was the main sticking point.

  2. Heidi

    Mate, I have to say, I was very happy with Kevin this morning. It actually made me feel all tingly when I was listening to it… If I ever meet that Kevin, I’m gonna plant a big smacker on his lips.

  3. elisa

    Brendo was a big fat dope. ‘Half-caste’ wasn’t the worst of it… He actually said ‘boong’! On Sorry Day! In parliament! Seriously, he has absolutely no idea. Luckily most people seem to have come to their senses about this. The media’s been giving him a right trashing. (Tony Abbott hasn’t, but I’m not sure he has senses.)
    On the other hand, Kev just keeps getting better. What a guy. I want to wear pyjamas with his face on them.

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