An Album a Week…?

You might remember my New Year’s Resolution to buy an album a week every week I’m in Indonesia. Well, it turns out that even awesome New Year’s Resolutions are often not kept.

The thought of spending money on an album I couldn’t share with anyone bummed me out (iTunes won’t let me share). So in response I bought pirated CDs and copied enough music from a friend of mine to last me until 2010.

I bet you’re wondering what kind of musical gems I can buy in remote, religiously conservative Aceh. Well, it turns out that you can buy this:

Yep, the creepy Australian Christian mega-church, Hillsong has made it all the way to Aceh.

I would review this CD, but I’m pretty sure it’s blasphemy to question the glory of the word of god sung by a woman in a red latex jacket. But nothing reminds me of the power of the lord more than a good rock-n-roll tune.

Another surprise find was Youth by Matisyahu who is known as the orthodox Jew who raps.

Wikipedia is pretty quick to clear up misconceptions about this guy’s religious practices, but while someone in the world worries far too much about that, I will enjoy tracks like Fire of Heaven/Alter of Earth, Shalom/Saalam and Late Night in Zion.

What’s you’re Six-word memoir? I am absolutely stumped on this!


One thought on “An Album a Week…?

  1. Ben

    You might want to check out Arcade Fire – Neon Bible if u haven’t already. Yeah I know it’s so 2006 or whenever it was released, but I’m usually late to the party..

    Also, is the six word memoir a spin off of the Very Short Stories in Wired a little while ago?

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