Train puppy: Check.

I trained the puppy in about 10 minutes. All it took was a bit of food and voila, the dog can sit. She’s still a little bit psychotic at times, but now I can break her out of it because we have a command she understands. She’s also figured out that biting isn’t a game. She still tries to bite sometimes, and I think she’s trying to convince me to reconsider my stance on biting (no really, it’s SOOOOO much fun!) but the improvement is huge.

I would LOVE to get her a collar and lead so we can go walking (a guard dog wouldn’t be a bad idea sometimes), but no one in town sells anything like dog supplies (the foreigner supermarket has just started stocking dog food though!) so I will wait until I go to Bangkok in a couple of weeks.

Try Montage-a-Google!

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