The ups and downs of raising a family

I’m quite busy at work these days, with quite a few “projects” to work on, and it’s lots of fun. What concerns me though is that working in my office doesn’t really provide great blogger fodder, and also doesn’t allow for much time to go searching from something to post.

But keeping with that saying “if you want something done give it to a busy person”, I am now more committed than ever to post frequently. But please be warned that I can aim for quantity, but whether it’s quality is truly up to the gods to decide.

I’m pretty sure that some of you who read this post have or have had puppies. As you might have heard, I’m puppy-sitting this month for my friend who decided to ride a motorbike around India.

When Kopi Manis (the dog) came to live at our house she was about 10 centimeters long and a little weakling. And then she had a growth spurt. She was always an excitable dog, but she seems to have gone a bit crazy and now she’s actually big enough that her craziness causes problems.

For example:
1.She can pull over the rubbish bin and eat from it
2.When she bites it actually hurts and if I get a proper dog bite I have to get rabies injections. yuck.
3.Yesterday, after Kak Ani washed the sheet from my bed, Kopi Manis somehow pulled it off the washing line, dragged it into the garden (while it was raining) and then went to sleep on it. Cute: yes. Good puppy behaviour: no.

Clara and I were very diligent puppy-sitters. We tried hard to train her and sometimes it seems to have paid off. But mostly she seems feral (which I guess is actually true considering that she was found in a garbage bin). Could this just be rebellion due to a sense of abandonment since Clara’s departure?

Can anyone tell me how to train a puppy?

2 thoughts on “The ups and downs of raising a family

  1. Meaghan

    Kopi sounds super cute, and super naughty like all good puppies should be. The only advice I’ve got is to ask Lara. She taught Lucy to sit when no one else could. She’s the puppy whisperer.

  2. Ben

    Same as with human babies right? Tough love.

    A good smack in the mouth will sort him out. Either that or cause him to turn on you.. 🙂

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