Lara and Sarah co-post

Finally Lars and I are co-posting just a few minutes before she leaves, so this post will be heavy on photos and light on witty commentary (that stuff takes time people, it doesn’t just happen).

This weekend we went to Pulau Weh.

We stayed in accommodation that looked like this:

With Laras that looked like this:

We snorkeled a lot and saw a huge yellow moray eel.
This is me after snorkeling:

We took a boat to Rubiah Island just a stone’s throw from where we were staying. Here is some youtube footage of me trying to take a photo of Lara on the boat. Technology isn’t as easy as it looks.

Lars tried to be friendly to this cow, but instead of becoming BFFs the cow charged her.

There was also a goat…

We took the ferry back to Banda Aceh on Sunday afternoon, and on the becak drive home (see vehicle in photo for explanation of what a becak is) we stopped by the famous generator ship that was swept approx. 3km inland by the tsunami. Yep, it’s big.

That’s Clara next to Lara. The inevitable jokes when we introduced ourselves as Sarah, Lara and Clara never got tired. EVER.

Here are a couple more photos from Lara’s 1o days in Aceh. Did we mention that it rained?

The first photo is of Naomi and Lara on our stroll along the beach last weekend. We got very, very wet. Not really the best location in the world for a wet t-shirt competition.

Yesterday, I took the day off work so we could do some last minute sightseeing. We’d lined up a driver ahead of time and everything….but we decided to stay home and watch DVDs instead.

Anyway, turns out we are clever cookies because it rained a tonne yesterday and instead of getting soaked, we took photos from inside our comfy (but actually muggy and hot) house. This photo was taken before the backyard flooded. I thought about putting the dog in the laundry to escape the rain, but soon found out that the laundry had flooded too.

In other important Where is Sarah?-related news:

1.Suharto is dead and the flags are at half mast. He got a state funeral even though he was on trial for defrauding the state of squillions. He was also “widely considered to be one of the most brutal rulers of the last century”. That was paraphrasing a quote that BBC has been using repeatedly for the last week or so. The Indonesian TV news reports are mournful and speaking of ‘forgiving the sins of a great nation builder’.

2.Kopi Manis is a girl! The vet told her owner (Jesse) that she was a he, but in fact, to quote Clara when she was playing with Kopi last night, “it’s a girl…IT’S A GIRL!!” We couldn’t be prouder temporary guardians.

3.Clara is leaving at the beginning of next week. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself when she goes. I have a new house mate lined up, but who knows if he will be willing to gossip with me? Sigh….

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