Lara comes to town

Yesterday Lara arrived in Banda Aceh. Here is photographic evidence:

This is her sitting in my office. Today we ran errands together and were generally just busy bees.

Tonight we will be the guests of honour at my friend’s dinner for his students and later on we might open the bottle of red Lara brought from Australia. Tomorrow we will go to the beach and the following day we’ll be going on the ultimate fishing trip. Photos of all that fun later.


2 thoughts on “Lara comes to town

  1. Meaghan

    Hi Lara!
    Hope you enjoy your stay, although from the photo you look more hot and bothered than anything else. Have a good time with Fortch. Try and keep her out of trouble…

  2. yvon

    your office looks like a huge abandoned house. it’s a wonder you get any work done given the opportunity to act like you’re 17 and alone for the weekend in your mother’s house! [sidenote: last night i realized that my mom always tells me to “be good and not throw a party” when she leaves for a while and means it as a joke because i would never do it. but, i actually do have friends who have done this! a 200 people basher while their parents were away for the weekend with paint splashed around and possibly, gasp, older kids showing up that they didn’t know!]

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