The marvels of lontong

I’ve tried almost everything to garner comments on this blog and nothing has worked (I was sure the puppy would rouse interest), so now I will try a tactic that is very popular in the blogosphere (ha, I just wanted to say blogosphere).

Expose of dirty laundry part 1.
I am at work and have a terrible hangover. It’s Muslim New Year so it’s a public holiday for everyone but me. More truthfully it’s a public holiday for everyone but me and the other suckers who work for a certain multilateral organisation (here’s a tip idiots: forcing your staff to work on public holiday is not enough to counter allegations of gross inefficiency).

Last night some friends who work for a well known international NGO (that gives more annual leave and lets staff take public holidays) had cocktails to celebrate the beginning of a very long weekend. Of course I went. I didn’t come all the way to Banda Aceh for the work you know.

Anyway, long story short: too much gin=sick Sarah.

I trialled a new hangover food this morning and it seems to have done the trick. Behold the lontong:

The white chunks are a long stick of sticky rice chopped into pieces. The soup/sauce is coconut-y and curry-ish with peanuts and vegetables. There is also an egg in there for good measure. This is tasty tasty and maybe even more satisfying when I have a hangover. The only thing holding lontong back from being the primary hangover food is that it’s only eaten for breakfast so if I snooze too late I lose the chance to eat it. 3.5/5 stars.


4 thoughts on “The marvels of lontong

  1. yvonne

    Isn’t that the catch 21? So really you should be glad that you are forced to work when no one else has to simply because you had to be awake and awakeness necessitates food! I love sticky rice stick. One of my favourite dishes at the local grease bowl is that chopped into pieces and sauteed with veg and meat and grease. Hoorah!

  2. Meaghan

    Does that Lontong come in paper? That’s what it looks like. So perhaps it’s Indo’s version of fish and chips wrapped in paper (which is also a good hangover food).
    Hope you’re feeling better bozo.

  3. Steff

    Hey lovely! I know exactly what you mean saying that people read the blog but never leave comments (lucky, you left one on mine today, thanks ;)). Maybe we have to start some comment amnesty. Than people no longer can get away with reading about your hangovers without showing the deepest sympathy. Poor Sarah! Can’t wait until we’re going to have Gin together.


  4. Sushi

    I talked to a family relative last month who used to travel frequently to Banda Aceh (looong time ago though) and he mentioned it as a very religious place where alcohol was nowhere to be found. Caught me off guard when you said you were hung over. Man it’s officially been four years since we last drank together (vonnie too) or been hung over together for that matter.

    PS You would have gotten a comment on this one even if you didn’t beg for it.

    PPS I usually read your blog on reader, so I didn’t realize you changed your blog design.

    PPPS You still get more comments per post than I do, and I already spent my 15 minutes of internet glory.

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