Gigs I would be attending if I was in Melbourne

There are so many great gigs over the next few months. An excellent idea would be to go to them and tell me how they were, or even get real hipster-techie and record them for me.

I must confess that all my information comes from one edition of the EG (Entertainment Guide from the Age) I got when I was sitting in business class when I left Australia (yes, I know that people in economy class also get newspapers, but I was still sitting in BC and your jealousy is an ugly monster growing inside of you).

For some reason Thursday’s paper had the Green Guide (as usual) and the EG. Is that standard now? If so, what is Friday’s new supplement?

So, the list….

Jens Lekman
Jan 10, The Toff in Town

My Brightest Diamond, St Vincent
Jan 15, The Toff in Town
(St Vincent plays in Sufjan’s band)

Sufjan Stevens (yes, I would have gone both nights)

Jan 16-17, Forum

The Police and special guest star Fergie

Jan 26, MCG (realistically I probably wouldn’t go to this but it could be pretty cool)


Jan 29, Billboard

Billy Bragg
Jan 30-31, Prince Bandroom

LCD Soundsystem
Jan 31, Forum

Jan 31, The Corner
(I’d probably choose this over LCD Soundsystem)

Rufus Wainwright
Feb 1, Palms at Crown??
(but could I bring myself to seeing a gig at Crown?)
Edit: Either EG misprinted the info or someone told Rufus that it was lame to be playing at Crown. It seems he’s actually playing at Hamer Hall.

Sonic Youth, The Scientists
Feb 20-21, Metro

Feb 26, Prince Bandroom

Okkervill River
Feb 26, The Corner
(I’d probably end up here instead of Feist because she’s already sold out)

Broken Social Scene
Feb 27, Corner

Feb 28, East Brunswick Club

March 10, The Corner

Sinead O’Connor
March 25, Palais
(again, I probably wouldn’t actually make it to this because it’s too expensive…although I just read that it’s her first time touring Australia, but that’s got to be bogus. I saw her on Good Morning Australia with Bert once.)

March 26, Metro

(I didn’t see them when they were in Melbourne in August and am now being punished for my poor form last year. Two appearances in a little over six months? What is this?)

I also remember reading somewhere that Arcade Fire are touring but I haven’t found the details yet. I think it’s sold out anyway.


4 thoughts on “Gigs I would be attending if I was in Melbourne

  1. Lars

    Re: lift-outs in the age.

    Thursdays paper was extra special because they only put one paper out for fri-sat combined. That meant getting the A2 on Friday, maybe they thought A2 and EG was too much fun for one Friday. Whilst i was at work on friday I began the crossword and then continued it whilst I was at work on Saturday. A fortunate lass am I.

  2. Meaghan

    The Age did some crazy ”summer edition” stuff. They get away with just leaving stuff out if they call it their summer edition. I thought they’d just have no paper on the sat but one turned up on my doorstep on the sat anyway. And it was completely different from Fri. Moral of the story – the Age has lost its mind.

  3. Heidi

    I am fuming that Broken Social Scene aren’t coming to Perth. The BASTARDS! I am going to see Feist though.

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