Holidays over

I got back to Banda earlier today and am back in the office already.

The strongest reminder of my brief and 100% brilliant trip to Australia is the extra squishiness of my belly thanks to a week-long binge of Christmas food.

Last night in KL we did a late night run to McDonald’s (instigated by self-confessed hippies who would usually sneer at those who enter the Golden Arches of Shame – but this is what a steady diet of fish and rice will do to a normally uptight hippie).

When I protested at being forced to order food I was reminded that I’d be sweating, pooing and vomiting food out as soon as I got back to Banda, so should eat as much McDonald’s as I could before then. I ate a red bean “prosperity” sundae and it was dee-lishus.

Even though you didn’t know it existed I would like to apologise for not posting my Christmas Mix before Christmas. I will put it back into the incubator for next year. I’m downloading some Christmas music today so with 363 days to mull it over (next year is a leap year don’t you know!), it’s sure to be smokin’.

Was greeted by an earthquake when I got off the plane this morning. It wasn’t that strong but the arrivals terminal looked like it wanted to fall over anyway. I’m guessing a group of determined people could push that building over if they cooperated.

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