Decision made and it was the right one

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post this won’t make much sense. So read it now, and ask yourself why you didn’t read it in the first place.

So, I went with Option B (saw a film). In the end the decision was made for me because my friend seemed to think it was a silly idea to stand in the rain. I can see where she is coming from.

Boy am I glad I saw the movie! It was a Dutch film called Polleke which I now realise is from 2003 which makes me less cutting edge than I thought. It’s probably been played on SBS about four times by now.

Polleke is a film about an 11 year old girl who is in love with her Moroccan friend Mamoun and has idiot parents but lovely grandparents.

Polleke was one of those films that the whole audience loved and we clapped and cheered as the credits rolled. The Indonesian audience knew not to take the nasty Moroccan uncle too seriously and laughed at him where I might have been angry or upset, so I was able to laugh too.

We sat under the aircon so I snuggled into my blanket* and pretended it was winter! Tonight I might sneak in a cup of hot chocolate, but I will have to figure out a way to get it from my house to the venue without any spillage.


Q.Which movies should I see when I’m in Melbourne?

*if you don’t take a blanket to the cinema you should start. Perfect way to combat the over-cooling common in almost every cinema on the planet.


2 thoughts on “Decision made and it was the right one

  1. y

    I’m not sure what the movie delay time is from the US to OZ, but if it’s there, I hear Everafter is good/cute. Oh wait, it’s called Enchanted. There’s also a bunch of war-based ones that I hear are good, but only if you want to sully your trip home. As for me, I’ve not cosy-ed up to the idea of paying an arm and a band of gold for movies where the snacks suck and cold weather attire is necessary no matter what the outside weather. But it’s true, blankets are max max max max comfy! P.S. I hate blogspot too.

  2. elisa

    Hey there pretty lady!
    Can’t WAIT to see you soon-ish. And if I may be so presumptuous as to include myself in your movie-going excursion, I think we should see ‘Into the Wild’. Mostly because the two people here (at work) whose movie taste I trust just can’t stop talking about it. And I would like to be able to start listening to their conversations again.

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