I lied about the previous post being the last one about animals.

This week I’m in KL to get a new visa and have many things to post about. But there doesn’t seem to be a lot of sense in sitting in a cafe writing about how great KL is while in KL. So I will just briefly mention one more animal experience I had last week in Banda Aceh and then I will go shopping.

So far I have shown you an elephant, baby frogs, a crusty old goat, ducks and a puppy.

You’re probably thinking “yeah, the elephant was pretty cool, but really I can see those other things anywhere”.

But can you see this everyday?!

Yes, it’s a real tiger. It’s in a cage but this wasn’t taken at a zoo (thankfully Banda Aceh doesn’t have a zoo. The current governor of Aceh was in jail until the tsunami knocked the walls of the prison down and he escaped…so imagine what would have happened at the zoo!)

Actually I don’t know what they call the place where they keep the tigers. Maybe a police station or something…I couldn’t really tell.

This tiger has been caught because he didn’t have the common sense to refrain from eating humans. Well tiger…HUMANS FIGHT BACK! If you want to eat 8 people in a village in southern Aceh we’ll capture you and then…well, actually no one knows what to do with him.

  • He’s protected so can’t kill him.
  • He keeps killing humans so can’t really leave him in the wild.
  • Would you be his keeper in a zoo? No, didn’t think so. Can’t really put him in a zoo.

Two other tigers are here at the moment too. A tiger-catching craze seems to have hit Aceh in a big way. Lots of people come and take a little look too.

I stupidly forgot to take photos of the ice cream stalls, the satay stalls, the fairy floss stalls and whatever other stuff you might sell to crowds visiting the tigers.

If anyone has any ideas of what to do with the tiger I can pass them on to the governor (who probably doesn’t like keeping the tigers in cages because it reminds him of his past).

OK, I’m off to shop.


One thought on “I lied about the previous post being the last one about animals.

  1. Lars

    It is a little hard to believe that they didn’t re-jail the governor after he escaped but it seems totally unbelievable that he got his post back… Surely the sentence still exists even if the jail doesn’t??

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