Hit me baby one more time (more animals and babies)

If you thought the posts about baby animals were over and done with, I plead with you to allow me for one more. And you won’t believe what animal is featuring today…


Last week when it was raining a lot, I found a teensy little frog in the office. I caught it took it outside.

Amir, one of the security guys saw that I really liked this little frog, so when I went outside later he proudly displayed all the little baby frogs he’d KILLED!

I yelled at him about killing the frogs and, even though he thought I was hilarious and dumb, he felt guilty.

So a little while later he called me outside to present me with a reconciliation gift. He had collected lots of little frogs for me to play with!

Unfortunately, the little fellas move awfully fast so I have a lot of blurry photos capturing the moment.

With these photos I aimed to demonstrate how little the frogs were. But then I realised my hand is freakishly small and in no way a reliable benchmark.

I promise to post about something other than baby animals next time.


3 thoughts on “Hit me baby one more time (more animals and babies)

  1. yvonne

    can you please make sure they’re not poisonous? i always equate tiny freakishly small frogs with poison and licking them and hallucinating.

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