Homeless but not destitute

I moved out of the guesthouse last weekend so no more hot showers and cable for Sarah.

But on the very bright side, I don’t have to pay the insane rent, and was able to avoid the invasion of the owner’s relatives for Idul Fitri (Eid ul-Fitr, end of Ramadan).

Now I am staying with another AYAD who has been here a few months already. This is my bedroom:

My host knows everyone, so my 3-day long weekend was spent hanging out with lots of people and having a great time.

One afternoon we played touch footy. OK, I didn’t actually play. I took photos on someone else’s fancy camera. Me playing touch footy, I don’t think so.

I don’t have any photos of the football (I can hear your sigh of relief from here), but I do have a photo of the low cloud over the mountains outside the stadium!

In other news, I ate fish and prawns by the river last night. It was tasty, but one disconcerting thing about the fish was that they didn’t gut the fish before they cooked it, so we had to be careful about what we were eating. I’ve just grossed myself out thinking about it too much.

To change the subject, I have been going crazy in the DVD store. I bought a million movies the other day and I only scratched the surface. I also bought….wait for it, you’re going to squeal with glee…the first half of the Gilmore Girls season 7! Booyah! However I am still expecting a delivery of the official release for Christmas…Put it on your shopping list folks (but you should probably harmonise those lists because realistically I only need one copy).

Put in your movie/tv series orders now. They’ve got everything you could imagine. And I’m gonna be watching a.lot.a.tv!


2 thoughts on “Homeless but not destitute

  1. Lars

    Ah beautiful room sarah. With a sweet quilt and a bright curtain as you have it’ll feel very homely. And sar you would have been great at touch. Remember when we played the orrong romanis cup and you were decking people all over the place?! Too much fun.

  2. Meaghan

    A little bit of fish gizzards never hurt anyone.

    (And if you’d like a home for the ggirls once your done watching them and you don’t want them cluttering up your suitcase… you know my address).

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