And finally she finds the kitchen…

I found the kitchen at the guesthouse a while ago but assumed it didn’t have any cooking facilities. But lo, there was a room out the back with cook-tops the whole time!

And look who came to help me cook…

I was pleased that he stayed still long enough to let me take lots of photos, until it occurred to me that I might have shocked him to death with my flash. Are frog’s hearts weak? He was still there when I finished cooking. I’m too scared to check if he is still there tonight.

If people ever ask me if I think the influx of NGOs saved Aceh from ruin, I will point them to this…

Without international staff, Banda Aceh would never have seen San Remo Spaghetti and Barilla Pesto. For that, I have no doubt the Acehnese people are truly grateful.


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