Moving up in the world via Perth

I’m leaving Australia today, but not just yet. My flight to Sydney was delayed and I would have missed my connecting flight to Indonesia, so I’m now flying via Perth and arriving about four or five hours later than scheduled. This could be seen as an inconvenience, but I’ve been upgraded to Business Class on the flight to Perth so it’s now become an adventure!

Unfortunately all I can think of is sleeping because of the marathon packing effort Marty and I put in until late last night and again early this morning. I guess I will make the most of the big seats rather than the entertainment or whatever it is that makes business class special.

I’ll spend my first week in Indonesia in Jakarta doing “in-country training” and then on Friday I will fly to Aceh and get on with business. I’m looking forward to setting up my room and knowing that I probably won’t be moving for 12 months. I’ll have fun getting to know the neighbourhood and finding the local kiosk owner, who is apparently the source of all essential local gossip.

I’m not sure how reliable my Internet connection will be but my hope is that it will be a good one and that I will be able to post on this blog frequently. For the first time ever I have all the technology a girl could need so my fingers are crossed that I will be able to use it…

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