Life after business class

More hours in a Qantas Club lounge. This time in Perth.

Here is a list of things that were good about business class:
1. The footrests were very comfortable
2. The seat was enormous
3. You get cloth napkins at mealtime, including one draped over your tray table as a table cloth
4. The tray table was much sturdier and bigger than a standard economy table
5. The flight attendant knew my name and asked me “Would you like something to drink Ms Fortuna?”
6. There was quince and almond ice cream for dessert

Here is a list of the things that were just the same as economy
1. The food (apart from the ice cream) was not very good
2. You still have to struggle to get out of the window seat to go to the toilet
3. The flight attendant can still forget your meal (I had to wait for a long time because she overlooked me and by then there was only the lamb left…devastating)

Here is a list of things about this particular Qantas flight in Business Class that were substandard compared to other airlines
1. No TV in back of seat (I could sometimes catch a glimpse of the main screen which was not a problem because the movie was dull)
2. Particularly un-nice food (as compared to other airlines)
3. Limited music options

Today was educational in many ways. I look forward to being upgraded again, purely for research purposes.


One thought on “Life after business class

  1. Steff

    Brilliant. Little Sarah has a blog now and I can keep up with what’s going on in Banda Aceh.Looking forward to many, many interesting reads.


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