Honing the skill of procrastination

Four more sleeps until I fly to Indonesia. Today is probably my last free day to pack up my room and sort through the junk I have accumulated in the last year. I’ve done a bit, and I must say that I am honestly impressed by the amount of clothes I’m sending to St Vinnies, but if I hold myself accountable for my actions I will admit to having wasted most of the day.

The morning began with six episodes of the Gilmore Girls. And with that the morning was over. After running errands I was in my room and ready to work by about 3pm. Now at 5.30pm I realise I’ve been on the computer for the last hour working on this blog and some other things. I can tell myself that these things need to be done (I have to take advantage of a reliable internet connection while I have it) but so does sorting through books and magazines and clothes and little bits of paper. The idea of going through my stuff seems like an OK job in theory, but when it comes to the point there are too many decisions (should it stay or should it go?), and I hate making decisions.

I am going to do one hour of cleaning now as a way to ease into it. Hopefully I will trick myself into just getting this work done.

1 thought on “Honing the skill of procrastination

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